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Uncle Fung

Updated: Feb 18, 2018

I read about Uncle Fung from the newspaper a while ago. I decided to grab a pair of my own trousers and called him up for an appointment. We met up outside the Chaiwan estate post office. Uncle Fung is in his mid 80s, his proudest possession, a trolley made by him with promotional messages listing out the range of his clothes repair service and the price range from HK$10-20. He would travel around hk on a bus to pick up his orders and return home to do the actual repairing. Uncle Fung will tell you with pride that he used to work for the legendary canton singer Leslie Cheung’s father, the king of tailored clothes. Uncle Fung doesn’t want to let his skills go to waste after all these years. The praise from his customers keep him going. HK, a special place with unimaginable stories from our elderlies. Respect!

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