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Two amazing encounters

Updated: Feb 18, 2018

For me, writing is not my natural talent but somehow I enjoyed the loneliness especially in the middle of the night when I write about the stories of these old folks. Today I have two amazing encounters, first a shopkeeper burst into tears when she saw me and told me she is deeply touched by the stories in our book. I have never seen her like that, a complete outburst of emotions, something in the book must have triggered some deep emotions on the topic. Later tonight I met my cousin good friends, they have taken the trouble to visit some of the old shops in the book and asked the owner to sign their autograph on their own story. I love it. People with a big heart who are genuinely interested in our history and heritage of these old shops and owners. I know one day these old folks will disappear, when that day come I will be so incredibly sad!

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