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Snake Soup - Master Mak retires

When I heard Master Mak decided to retire from She Wong Lam (the largest snake supplier in hk) after working there for more than 70 years, I felt a deep sadness wondering what will be the fate of yet another old shop in HK. On the one hand I am really happy for the master, finally at the good old age of 89, he can get some rest and spend time with his family. Yet I can't help but feel sad saying goodbye to him on his last day. All these years, he gave it all to his master who took him in as a little boy. Deciding to let go after 70+ years is not an easy decision, it takes real courage. When asked what will he miss most, he replied "All my colleagues, we are like a big family. And of course all my snake mates." I sincerely wish Master Mak all the best and a wonderful journey post retirement. I will forever miss seeing him in the snake soup shop.

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