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Sauce Garden

I am thrilled to meet with the second generation owner, James Pang, of Yuet Wo Sauce Garden at Kwu Tung. This amazing business was started by his father and a good friend in 1939. In 1970, they started building their own wine factory to make rice vinegar. Seeing his father getting old, James decided to give up his career in mechanical engineering and return to the factory. He implemented many changes using organic ingredients and the high quality beans from Canada. In 2004 they attained the highest certification from ISO9001 and HACCP. The production is systematic and highly efficient. I am amazed in today's world we can still witness such determination and positive energy. The government redevelopment plan for north east New Territories looks inevitable, I just hope and pray that this little heaven can somehow find a way to carry on for many years to come. #saucegarden #yuetwosauce

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