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One-eyed herbal tea on Temple Street

Walking through temple street, you may notice a very old building. With its decoration, it's almost like time has stood still. The herbal tea brand has lasted more than a hundred years, and this old herbal tea shop is known as "one eyed herbal tea". I am saddened to hear of its closure at the end of this month. Its founder, Uncle Lee Yung Chuen, is nicknamed the one-eyed man, as a result of having one small and one larger eye, although kids have mistaken him for being blind in one eye. Herbal tea was a big part of labour life in the 50s, taken when you are heaty or having a temperature - one bowl of herbal tea will cure you. Nowadays, ordinary folks find the tea equally healing. His second generation owner ensured that the quality is maintained, such that even when he was in his 90s he would insist on going to the shop and testing the tea. He passed away over a decade ago and left the shop to his grandson. I hope the brand will reappear in Yau Ma Tei - such an iconic brand for the neighborhood and Hong Kongers.

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