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Master Kwok

Updated: Feb 17, 2018

Master Kwok, the only remaining wood carve master in Hong Kong. He started learning the craft from his father at the age of 16, it’s been 50 years ever since he first started. Master Kwok specialises in carving wood plate as a symbol of respect for ancestors and family members who has passed. On a sunny afternoon, Master Kwok demonstrated his skills, with no preparation except a plotting paper, he wrote the draft Chinese words on a piece of paper and then started carving directly onto a high quality wood piece. As you can imagine, strength is required to carve through the hard wood but somehow the master hold his knife as if it's a paint brush, one stroke at a time, the words are beautifully and effortlessly carved onto the wood. Master Kwok also participated in workshop on a regular basis, his wish is to pass on this unique craft to those who are interested to learn.

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