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Lee Yim Kee Flower Shop

Lee Yim Kee Flower Shop. We call it a flower shop but this beautiful workshop in the old Yuen Long old market has nothing to do with real flowers. The first generation founder Lee Yim originally trained as a chef and used to visit peoples homes to cook banquets, but as that opportunity tailed off when people started to go to restaurants for banquets instead, he turned his hand to creating Chinese celebration flower plaques, and opened the stall in 1954.  The hand made plaque is traditionally designed for Chinese festive seasons such as New Year,  Ghost festival and Tin Hau festival among others. The second generation owner Auntie Lee followed her Dad at the age of 12 and learnt to write calligraphy for the flower plaques. After many years, however, the continuous writing caused arthritis in her hand and she was forced to retire. Luck has it that she took on two apprentices, Andy and Kai Wai, born in the 80s and 90s, who both used to be scaffolding workers. They are determined to carry on the tradition and extend the crafts to not only traditional festivities but to making beautiful plaque for other events such as weddings and birthday parties. 

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