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Lam Kee Steelware

Lam Kee Steelware. 88 years old Uncle Lam and his stall lie inside an alleyway on Shanghai street. Uncle Lam specialises in hand making (knitting) stainless steelware. His selection ranges from wonton noodle sieves to tools for restaurants and everyday use. When I shook hands with him, I noticed how years of knitting steel have left some serious marks and aches on his hands yet he spoke so much about his love for his work. He said the world is a different place now, people prefer things that don't last so that they can keep buying new things, " In the old days, we made things that lasted for a lifetime." Although the market is swamped with cheap steel tools made in China, the material is poor and wears off very quickly. Through the years, Uncle Lam has acquired some very loyal customers who understand how a good tool can make a difference.. Uncle has no plans for retirement, he told me that perhaps God is not ready for him yet.

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