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Kam Cheung Hoo dried sausages

Updated: Feb 17, 2018

Early morning chat with the owner Mr Yue Kam Wah at Kam Cheung Hoo, a supplier of Chinese dried meat and sausages in Western District. Brother Wah started helping his father at the age of 5 at the rooftop of their Tong Lau, wrapping Chinese sausages in individual bundles. When asked for his memorable moments over the years, a simple but emotional response “Hardship, a really tough way of earning a living”. He has tried many other labour jobs but in the end couldn’t bare to leave his Dad's livelihood in ruins and so eventually took up the running of the factory. He starts at 4am every morning, marinating the meat and then together with the other 6 sifus, one of whom is 84 year old Master Chong, they work non-stop until midday, have some lunch and then start the process all over again. It's especially tough in winter when the hands are constantly dipping into cold water. Lam Cheung Hoo is the supplier for many famous Chinese restaurants in HK, and it’s those big boys who take the profit and the glory, whilst Kam Cheung Hoo is forever the hidden hero. All the high stress involved in running a factory has not been good to Mr Yue’s health, but today he is so proud to tell me that their sausages are 100% made in Hong Kong and contain no artificial preservatives. The spirit and strength of our old shops owner.

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