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90 yrs old Wood Carpenter

Updated: Feb 17, 2018

No door sign no shop name, I visited a 90 year old wood carpenter hidden amongst Tsuen Wan industrial area. Uncle Lung has been hand making wood stools for 70 years. With the media exposure these past few days, his remaining stools are sold out. Uncle Lung is not mobile but I can see he has superior technique in his craft. Whilst chatting to him, a few customers came to see whether they can buy a stool, I suspect it’s their way of supporting the old craftsman. The workshop is also their home, in cold weather such as today, there are no heater, no big coat and no big duvet. Although Auntie Lung kept saying they don’t need anything, but I found out Uncle Lung fell from his wheelchair whilst buying groceries in the wet market a few days ago. I was determined to help, ended up buying them a few days worth of food from the wet market. Our elderly folk need attention, need care and practical help! The smallest gesture means so much to them.

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