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Pearl Report repeat

Dear friends, if you’ve missed 「The Pearl Report」early this week, please tune in Pearl TV on Saturday morning at 11:25am for a repeat of the programme. #pearlreport

Pearl Report - aired on 8 Jan!

I was so nervous this evening watching “The Pearl Report” and am truly thankful for the artistry and sensitivity from both Chris Lincoln (executive producer) and Maria Cristhin Kuiper (producer) for visiting all 5 shops with us and producing such a beautiful piece. Best of all, all the old shop owners have articulated so well the love and respect for their father and the shops they left behind. If you’ve missed the episode, please tune in on Tuesday Jan 9th at 6:05pm or Satur

Pearl Report

Dear friends, Monday night’s episode on Pearl Report will be about the story of HK old shops and our little project “Small Shops, Big Hearts”. We spent a few weeks in December shooting various interviews with a few different shop owners, and It will be aired on Jan 8, coming Monday at 8pm. Pearl TV. If you have time, please tune in. #pearlreport

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