555 Chuen Sun factory clothes donation

The fourth donation. I had an idea when i visited the Kung Fu T factory few days ago. The factory also manufactured coat for export and they are of great quality. Just so happen they are doing a sample sale to offload stock. Here comes the win, win, win idea. I contacted the Homeless Association and asked if they need coat for homeless. Why shouldn’t homeless folks have brand new coat. I am very grateful to the owner of the knitting factory Mr Ng and his daughter Ms Ng, Ms Ng

555 Kung Fu t-shirt

Happy 90th anniversary! My favourite 555 Kung Fu T shirt made out of Swiss Yarn and Egyptian Cotton, airy, cool and durable. The owner Mr Ng is a determined soul, through endless challenges, he is holding on to his business, his life and pride.#九龍大角咀埃華街33號安業工廠大廈6字樓 #九龍佐敦彌敦道裕華國貨公司3樓內衣部有售 #CHUEN SUN KNITTING FACTORY #kungfutshirt, #chuensun